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How to start an eCommerce business in New Zealand

A book I wish I had 7 years ago…

‘How to start an eCommerce business in New Zealand: The guide I wish I had’ is jam-packed with all the lessons I’ve learned as an eCommerce designer, developer, consultant, and now CEO of Moustache Republic, an eCommerce digital agency. I’ve worked with startups and small businesses, large organisations, and global brands. I’ve become addicted to the endlessly fascinating world of eCommerce, and I promise you – it’s no longer a hassle.

Tony Hou, Author & CEO

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Topics Covered…

  • Choose your domain
  • Choose your eCommerce platform
  • Design an incredible user experience
  • Get paid faster
  • Calculate shipping costs
  • Ship your order
  • SEO: You need to understand
  • Add live chat to your website
  • Understand analytics
  • Use Google AdWords to drive traffic
  • Use email marketing to drive sales
  • Join eCommerce marketplaces
  • Use social media marketing
  • Website launch checklist

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