Accessible and inclusive Aussie brand, Birdsnest, first spread its wings in 2004 as a brick and mortar store in the Snowy Mountains town of Cooma, NSW. Since then, the business has grown from a team of 5 to a team of 140 and has quickly become a digital empire with 95% of business now online.

Birdsnest founder, Jane Cay says much of the business’ success is owed to the delicate blend of its model – service and fashion. She describes Birdsnest as a ‘safe place for women to explore fashion’, with personalised styling advice and customer service that nurtures the emotional and transformative journey of women and fashion. This is evident in the fact that Birsdnest’s revenue is made up of 80% repeat customers.

PROJECT and Objectives

In 2019, Birdsnest found itself at a crossroads. They needed a new website, but they knew with years of old custom code and apps on their old website that there was a complexity involved in the project.

It was important that they were set up with the right platform to continue growing and ensure they could innovate quickly and efficiently to their customer’s needs. This included the wish to improve the mobile speed experience as well as set themselves up for the future with a Cloud and Saas based platform.

Client Lead

Jane Cay


Fashion and Styling


3000 styles at any given time. Stock sizes from 8-22




UX/UI Strategy, Integration Partner, Customisation


As Birdsnest looked to the future, they realised they needed a platform that would meet their needs with speed-focused, high-quality technology. They’d heard whispers that Bigcommerce were the one’s for the job and after a gentle nudge from Moustache Republic’s, Tony, they were sold on their new platform.

Bigcommerce not only ticked the boxes for future-proofed eCommerce technology, but it also had the ability to build Headless, custom front ends and quality API’s. Plus, it was easy to bring to life the grand ideas of the Birdnest team and the ability to connect their wishlist of integrations.


As a connection to Moustache Republic already, Jane was aware of Moustache’s success in the eCommerce industry. When she was introduced to Tony she said it was immediately obvious that Tony’s care factor was extremely HIGH. “He gets excited by a difficult problem,” Jane said.

With the Moustache Republic and Bigcommerce powerhouse collaboration, it was an easy decision based on their ability to manage and even thrive within complex projects.

Challenges and Solutions

Mobile Speed Experience

Birdsnest has lots of attributes for its products with multiple images for each of the products, e.g. clothes presented by model size. It was important for them to have a Cloud and Saas based platform like Bigcommerce that would future-proof their eCommerce experience. As a result, Birdsnest’s page load time has improved by an incredible 29% since they relaunched on BigCommerce.

Search Optimisation

Moustache helped integrate Birdsnest with Fred Hopper (since acquired by Attraqt), a powerful on-site search tool. It was the first time Moustache had integrated Fred Hopper with BigCommerce and turned out to be very happy with it. Fred Hopper allows customers to extend searches into other website content like integrated YouTube videos.

Improve organic traffic through a more credible review system.

With a lot of positive feedback on the Birdsnest Reviews. It was time to replace their custom built platform. Tony recommended Yotpo. Reviews now turn up in Google and organic traffic through a more credible review system. It has a much better experience on Mobile. Specifically for Birdsnest customers, there is also the ability to search reviews and show reviews from the same body shape, height and more.

More advanced newsletter technology

Moustache helped Birdsnest integrate with Emarsys during the project (previously using another platform ‘Vision’)



Increase in conversion rate


Improvement in page load time


increase in average order value





Fred Hopper


“There was a really good cultural fit between the two organisations – Birdsnest and Moustache Republic. Tony’s care factor is extremely high and he gets excited by a difficult problem. We ended up having a weekly meeting and we’ve kept it going ever since.”

Jane Cay, Founder