Beautiful Ideas for Business

Behind the moustache

At the core of everything we do is a strong passion for Ecommerce. Be it web design, web development or digital marketing.

Our Story

The seeds for Moustache Republic were sown by founder Tony Hou in 2009.

Already a highly talented developer, Tony was looking for a new challenge; that challenge was the world of ecommerce. The more he learned, the more he loved it.

We're different

In a good way

Our Relationships are personal.

Working with us is a very personal experience. We don’t have corporate hierarchy, or time for the politics that come with it. You’ll form a one-on-one relationship with the person who is working on your site. Many clients are now firm friends because of this, and we like that.

We walk the talk.

Everyone at Moustache Republic has hands on ecommerce development capability. When you work with us, you will be talking to a real ecommerce expert, not a salesperson with skin- deep knowledge. Our people learnt ecommerce by building their own online shops. When we make a suggestion for your website, it’s because we’ve tried it and we know it works.

We’re in this for the duration.

Our clients know we’re in the relationship for the long term, and for their success. We earn trust because we are transparent and honest. Clients appreciate that ; it’s the lifeblood of quality partnerships.

Bound to us by a contract? No way.

We’re not about to make you sign a binding contract. Our clients enjoy working with us because we promise value and results, and we deliver. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t expect them to stay.

We're never satisfied.

We’re always striving to improve our clients’ success. We innovate, we’re proactive, we push boundaries and we ask what if?

Can we do all this for you? We’d love to. Come and join us!

Why the name?

Ha, good question!

We started off with the name ‘Magik Ecommerce’ and rebranded to ‘Moustache Republic’ in 2014. Why? Hey, we’d love to tell you that story in person. Why not give us a call?

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