With the global jewellery market seeing continuous growth and projected to reach $480.5 billion by 2025, Adornmonde is helping put the sparkle back into affordable, fine jewellery. ⁠

Since 2014, their mission has been to design beautiful, limited edition jewellery collections that are not only high-quality but fashionable. Based in New York USA, and shipping to customers from all over the globe, Adornmonde has become the online destination to reliably shop for fine fashion jewellery no matter where you are.


PROJECT and Objective

Since its launch, the 100% family-owned Adornmonde has set the global standard for fine jewellery, however, they needed to improve the user experience online as it wasn’t quite performing to the level they warranted. Their site was due for an upgrade on all things payment pages, email marketing, site navigation and more. As a B2C and pure eCommerce online business with nuances such as made to order fine jewellery, the website needed the muscle to accommodate all the customers’ needs.

Client Lead

Niki Allworth


Demi Fine & Fine Jewellery



Launch date

October 2021, just in time for the Black Friday sales


UX/UI Strategy, Integration Partner, Customisation


The Adornmonde team wanted to migrate from Magento 1 & 2 and onto a platform that could accommodate all of their payment and integration needs. With the help of Moustache, Adornmonde turned to Shopify Plus as the solution to quickly implement a new, sales optimised site that could elevate the customer experience.


After being recommended to connect and admiring the work of Moustache from afar, the Adornmonde team said “all paths were leading to Moustache.”

Since working with the team, Niki said

“I love the team at Moustache, Tony has fostered this amazing culture, it was so easy to work with, and he is so smart yet so humble.”

Challenges and Solutions

Better UX/User Experience

By migrating Adornmonde from Magento to Shopify Plus, Moustache was able to isolate the UX/UI issues and resolve them quickly and individually.

Because of this, site navigation and product layout was improved.

Specifically, they were able to separate Home Page product categories JEWELLERY and FINE JEWELLERY so shoppers are directed to products that they can afford.

Website Design Renovation

Moustache pushed a design ‘renovation’ using Shopify Plus to ensure the whole ecommerce experience was mobile first as 70% of traffic is mobile since Adornmonde was born as an Instagram brand.

Optimised Payment for Chinese and Japan countries

With a lot of Chinese customers, Adornmonde integrated with Ni Hao Pay to help Chinese customers, and accept Chinese payment methods with ease.

Easy Navigation for Multi-Currency Site

Moustache built one site combined with an IP sniffer that sends customers to the relevant currency store interface.

Increase Conversion Rates

With Adornmonde not being a sale led brand, the only time of year they discount their products is for Black Friday/Cyber Sales which was when they planned to launch the new eCommerce store in 2021.

Before the launch of the new site, the conversion rate was below 1% and after the launch in the first 2 weeks in October 2021 the conversion rate went up immediately to 1.6% and through Black Friday period it moved up to a 2% conversion rate.

Visibility of revenue from Facebook/ Instagram Advertising

Moustache helped integrate the Facebook API which weren’t working previously with Magento. Adornmonde now have full visibility of revenue from their Facebook and Instagram advertising making their paid media effectiveness much easier to track and optimise.

Improve Email Marketing Platform and Capture

Moustache hooked Adornmonde up with Klaviyo to dramatically improve their email marketing potential. The revenue from email marketing is already up 200% YOY.

Klaviyo’s onboarding manager was really happy with the launch in time for Black Friday.

Justuno was also integrated for email capture and integrated with Klaviyo.

“Seamless to set up, easy to use. We’ve been able to AB test sign up forms & capture forms, have been able to use it through the sign up period, and will use it for upsell and cross sell.” – Niki

Personalised Category from a Jewellery Production front

Adornmonde now use Note Card, which is a handwritten gift card. When customers click on the shopping bag, Adornmonde gives the option to have a handwritten note included with the jewellery.

This then gets transmitted to the 3PL and is handwritten at their end and added in with the jewellery.

Personalised Search Experience

Moustache integrated Algolia, a ‘website search engine’ tool to deliver personalised and relevant shopper experiences and boost conversion rates.

Pre-order Solution

The Pre-order app was installed by Moustache specifically for Adornmonde to help shoppers pre-order fine jewellery.

Shipping Optimisation

Moustache helped Adornmonde integrate with a 3PL in New York State which means all of the inventory is housed out of everyone’s time zones.



decrease in page load time


increase in revenue


increase in transactions


increase in traffic


increase in
conversion rate


increase in average
order value YOY



Note Card

Ni Hao Pay

Pre-Order Now




‘The Preorder app takes the top place for the way it communicates to customers. They communicate about multiple pieces of jewellery in separate packages, and UX is clear for the customer, and has reduced a lot of the customer care time.’

— Niki Allworth – Founder, Adornmonde

“Since we’ve found Moustache and been in the managed services with them, I have total confidence, they just want us to become a better brand, I feel so at home and relieved that we were introduced for Moustache. I think they will be with us for a lifetime. We enjoy our conversations and they’re very skilled at what they do.”

Niki Allworth – Founder, Adornmonde