What’s the secret to success for New Zealand’s #1 online store for natural health, clean beauty and eco-living products? Healthy habits.


For over 30 years, ‘HealthPost – The Better Company’ has been on an evolving mission to get better at everything they do, for you and the planet. It could be mistaken for an overly ambitious promise, but it’s quite the opposite. After founding the company in 1988, Linley Butler passed the leadership role onto son, daughter and their father who have since remained inherently close to the business’s operation and growth. It’s in that infusion of history, identity and innovation that has propelled the company into a modern era global success.



PROJECT and Objectives

After sourcing her own wellbeing, Linley Butler saw a wider need in the local community and thus, HealthPost was born. That same personal connection has guided HealthPost to their strong customer focus. They wanted to build brand trust and change the way each individual customer sees the online experience, with a large focus on categories and in-depth screening of mindful brands. For this reason, they narrowed in on UX improvements and functionality and overall scalability and security of the platform. ⁠

Client Lead

Abel Butler
Managing Director





Launch date

November 2019


Migration from Magento to BigCommerce, Full UX/UI Strategy & Redesign Plus Integration of Partner Apps & custom-built MR applications.

When it came to choosing a platform, Bigcommerce was put forward by Moustache as the one most suitable in the context of functionality. HealthPost is a company with over 5,500 SKUS that requires a versatile and innovative solution. That solution is Bigcommerce. Known famously for empowering businesses with powerful commerce experiences without compromising on security, stability or scalability.
“As a pure play, 100% reliant on our online sales, re-platforming our website is ‘make or break’. Moustache Republic had already proven themselves to be an incredibly competent, trustworthy and dedicated agency partner. This de-risked and distressed the entire process enormously. Moustache’s commitment to our success was heavily leaned into, and it didn’t waver at any point – they take it personally, and the results speak for themselves.”
– Abel Butler – Managing Director, Healthpost
Challenges and Solutions


Moving from Magento, after spending too much time and focus on frequent bug fixes, HealthPost switched to BigCommerce. HealthPost now feels confident that BigCommerce is a platform that is continuously optimising in response to client feedback.

Page Load Improvements

HealthPost’s page load times on BigCommerce are now 3-4 x faster than their previous website even though BigCommerce is a fully hosted Saas solution.

PCI Compliance

BigCommerce and Stripe take responsibility for PCI compliance which is far superior to the self accreditation that Healthpost was doing previously.

Improved Backend Usability

Switching to BigCommerce has meant an overall improvement in the user interface, making the experience much more intuitive for staff and developers.

Unified Product Management

HealthPost now uses Comestri PIM (integrated with Netsuite as their ERP) which was integrated and used as middleware for product enrichment.

Improved Information Architecture & Navigation

Moustache Republic custom-built enriched product data filters, meaning customers are able to shop by dietary preference or particular certifications. This ‘Shop Your Way’ function now intuitively guides the shopper to find the right products with ease through navigation and categories.

Improved Promotion Capabilities

Moustache Republic custom-built a brand new promotions App for HealthPost. They now have the ability to run weekly deals site-wide as well as customer exclusive promotions. This has significantly improved the capabilities and front-end experience for the HealthPost customer.

Save Store Credit Card Function

Since switching to BigCommerce, HealthPost now have the ability to store credit card payment functionality.



growth of New Zealand users


conversion rate


increase in conversion rate


Moustache Republic Suite and Flask



Instant Search

Shipper HQ



Comestri PIM


Nosto allows the customer to receive a personalised shopping experience via banners and widgets across the Healthpost website. They reflect what the customer has been viewing or adding to their basket.

‘Nosto is awesome in terms of personalisation capabilities’

— Abel Butler- Managing Director, HealthPost.

“Migrating to BigCommerce has been a game-changer for HealthPost. It’s put an end to worrying about security patches, bug fixes and hosting costs – their core platform is solid, secure and scalable. It’s also proving to be impressively customisable. Our focus and investment are now going where they should be – into continually improving the experience for our customers.”

Abel Butler – Managing Director, Healthpost