PROJECT and Objectives

With a catalogue of over 12,000 unique SKUs and a team deeply committed to customer service, Simply for Strings had all the notes to continue making big sounds in the industry. However, such a high-performing brand demands a high-performing platform, and their original Magento store just wasn’t going to cut it. They needed an overhaul of their design and digital experience and with a decade-long relationship up their sleeves, they entrusted the Moustache team to take the reins and move them over from Magento to Shopify Plus. ⁠

Client Lead

Toby Cumpstay, Founder Simply for Strings


Music, Musical Industry



Launch date

November 2018


Migration from Magento to Shopify Plus, eCommerce design, UX/UI Strategy, Integration Partner

Shopify Plus was elected as the supreme in building customisations that enhance the customer experience. The choice was certain, as what was lacking in Magento, such as Apple Pay integration, was already a fundamental element to Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus not only streamlined Simply For Strings and Moustache’s quick-to-adapt-and-innovate style, but it ensured they had limitless design and UX capabilities.
“After a decade-long relationship, it was a no-brainer to go with Moustache. Not only do they have amazing customer service and the ability to keep up with the speed of digital upgrades, they are also responsive and collaborative. We absolutely love Alexandra, she’s so easy to work with and Audrina does an amazing job with the design.”
– Emily Kuehner – Marketing Manager, Simply For Strings
Challenges and Solutions


Complete design UX/UI overhaul with Shopify Plus

Update Inventory Management System

Since switching from Magento to Shopify Plus, Simply for Strings has enhanced their inventory management system from running the Inventory out of Retail Express into Dear Inventory which was integrated into Shopify Plus.

Increase Customisations

With a wide range of unique product requirements, customisation ability for Simply For Strings was critical. With Shopify Plus, Moustache Republic was able to customise the entire design and digital experience tailored to the Simply For Strings customer.

Launch Rewards Program

Moustache Republic launched the Smile Rewards, a rewards program that gives private teachers the ability to refer students and get rewarded. Simply For Strings customers are loving this feature.

Optimised Megamenu

The Simply For Strings megamenu, PDP, homepage and navigation were redesigned by Moustache to improve usability and the customer experience.

Apple Pay Integration

With Shopify Plus’ integration, Simply For Strings can now accept Apple Pay transactions.

Upgrade Search Functionality

Moustache Republic integrated Algolia, a super powerful technology that learns from the constant users are doing, based on other people’s search.

POS Merchandising Optimisation

Moustache Republic migrated the POS from Retail Express to Shopify POS.

Customer management Improvements

Moustache Republic integrated Gorgias, a helpdesk to systemise the frequent customer questions on the wide range of Simply For Strings products.

Personalisation Tool Integration

Moustache Republic integrated Frankie, an on-site personalisation tool that customises and displays trending product blocks to customers as they scroll on the product display page to give Simply For Strings the opportunity to promote their wide range of products.


Simply for strings is the leading online music instrument store with the largest selection of high-quality products.


growth MOM


conversion rate


AOV increase


increase in conversion rate



Shopify Flow

SMS Marketing Automation

Dear Inventory






“Gorgias is the centre of my work life! It allows me to keep most of my communications in one place: emails, live chat, Facebook and Instagram conversations. At a glance, I can see previous conversations with a customer, across all our forms of media, access their account details, previous invoices, send them a new quote, exchange photos to help with product issues or queries. Working mainly out of just the one tab helps me help my customers and colleagues better, quicker, more completely.”

— Michael, Customer Success Manager

“Moustache Republic are approachable and friendly partners that have enabled us to achieve great omnichannel success. They understand the true nature of being an omnichannel retailer and have been critical to our success in creating an online catalogue for our in-store shoppers and an online store for the rest of Australia. Over the years, we have been able to leverage their digital capabilities to sell a very traditional product, and achieve fantastic sales results. We trust Moustache Republic with our product and our market, the importance of which cannot be understated.

— Toby Cumpstay, CEO