Moustache Republic 6 Month Wrap Up

Moustache Republic 6 Month Wrap Up

A lot has been happening at Moustache Republic over the past 6 months. There’s something exciting happening almost every single week, it’s ridiculous!

Here is a quick run over on what the team has accomplished over the past 6 months

No Issue Tissue: A Big highlight of May
We had a Moustache Republic team initiative –  It’s an online tissue business that allows retail SME’s to customise and purchase wrapping tissues directly online. It’s a collaboration project between Josh, Moustache Republic and Overdose digital.
This is the first business and project Moustache Republic as a team participated and invested in. We have just launched the beta release of the site on 1/06/2017 and we are super excited!


Digital marketing
Yes, we are doing it, and we are doing it properly. After 4 years being ‘laser focused’ in the eCommerce industry, we’ve built the solid team of eCommerce consultants, creative designers and hardcore web developers. Now with Christo, our sparkling new digital marketing manager, we’ve combined our eCommerce expertise with digital marketing best practises and came up with our unique data-driven digital marketing service. Backed by data, focusing on the key eCommerce matrix, we will be doing eCommerce marketing the right way. We are working with some amazing brands like ‘I love ugly’ to implement the unique marketing strategy. Watch this space, we’ll be making some noise.

Christo joined Moustache Republic after a career at AIG in the UK. He ran and sold his own marketing agency and we are super excited to have Christo onboard and add to the dynamic Moustache Republic team.


Technology wise
We’ve been working with two new eCommerce platforms (new to Moustache) Shopify and BigCommerce, it has been fun working on these two cloud-based eCommerce platforms as they took a maintenance headache away and we can focus more on the creatives. Two major clients, we have on these platforms are Triumph & Disaster and Coast New Zealand. Coast New Zealand will be up by the end of June, we are excited to showcase it.

We’ve also been working with NetSuite quite a bit over the past 3 months. It’s rather a beast, super powerful and rather complex and we are in the process of a major integration project that involves Magento, NetSuite, Commerce Connect and Vend. A full omni-channel commerce project, it’s gonna be amazing when we complete this in 2 months time.

In conclusion
The past 6 months has been an amazing journey and we are certainly looking forward to the next 6 months to come. We’ll be making some noise and doing some damage, watch this space.
Ps. We are having our mid-year ski trip in the 2 weeks time! Our first mid-year trip and we are thrilled to hit the slopes of Mt Ruapehu.

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