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26 Apr 2016

How to write ecommerce follow up emails that work

Sending post-purchase ecommerce follow up emails is a great way to keep your brand front of mind and show your customers you value their support. It’s also an opportunity to encourage repeat purchases by offering discounts, or recommending similar products. The only challenge is making your email stand out from the crowd. With every ecommerce […]

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22 Apr 2016

A guide to Facebook advertising for ecommerce businesses

Facebook is one of the best digital advertising platforms for ecommerce businesses. It’s a great tool for building brand awareness and getting your products in front of potential customers – but like any great tool, you need to know how to use it properly to reap the rewards. If you’re yet to dip your ecommerce […]

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20 Apr 2016

Facebook for ecommerce: The basics

Facebook. Everyone’s on it – from your grandmother to your boss to your best friend’s cat (yes, people really do create profiles for their pets!). So how can you connect with your customers on this popular social media platform? In this blog post, we’ll cover how to use Facebook to support your ecommerce marketing efforts, […]

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14 Apr 2016

How to recover orders with abandoned cart emails

When a customer abandons their shopping cart, it can feel like a huge blow. You’re left wondering why they didn’t complete their order – especially when they were so close to the finish line! You could ignore this unfortunate event and let your customers disappear into oblivion… or you could entice them back to your […]

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